Software Development 

Creating tech that works for your business

We translate your tech vision into reality using test-driven, agile development to

design and deliver simple-yet-elegant software solutions.

How We Help Our Clients

Process Automation

Our developers advocate mobile-first design to ensure your app looks great and works perfectly on any device. Real-time databases and automated lead collection will provide your business with the 24/7 sales support you need to succeed in today’s on-demand marketplace.

Web Applications

Our developers will build a modern web application for your organization accessible from desktop, tablet and mobile. Our real-time database and automated lead collection will provide your business with the 24/7 sales assistance you need.

Process Consulting

Sometimes it’s not what you’re doing; it’s how you’re doing it. Our business process management specialists can streamline workflows and optimize metrics. We have expertise in Atlassian, Google Workspace, and Office 365.

Design Consulting

Great software design is usually a collaborative effort. Don’t go it alone. Let our developers review your code base and provide you with expert feedback and guidance.

Why us?

NTx is a business services network born of rational idealism. We believe in our collective capacity to guide each other through the emerging business landscape.

But this collaboration must begin with clear, honest communication to ascertain needs and contributions. What can NTx do for you? What can you do for the NTx community?