IRL Commerce 

Synergizing your digital & physical assets into one immersive customer experience

The virtual world invaded the real world, and now people inhabit both

simultaneously. Come meet your customers where they exist: In Real Life (IRL).

IRL Commerce

You see them in the aisles of Target and at the McDonald’s drive-thru, shoppers armed with their smartphones, hunting for the best deals. Customers are merging their virtual and physical worlds, and we have to give them what they want, what they’ve come to expect.

Traditional points of sale, mobile apps, self-service kiosks and e-commerce have all commingled to create a new hybrid commercial space. It is our new reality. So NTx is reclaiming the IRL acronym. We’ve stripped it from the ‘90s internet chat rooms and brought it into the modern era.

IRL Commerce is our own special blend of location-specific sales strategies and innovative digital tools. It’s how we ensure your virtual and physical realms complement each other and your customers feel at home in either. . . or both, together.

Why us?

NTx is a business services network born of rational idealism. We believe in our collective capacity to guide each other through the emerging business landscape.

But this collaboration must begin with clear, honest communication to ascertain needs and contributions. What can NTx do for you? What can you do for the NTx community?