Effective Sales 

Converting leads into satisfied customers

Our inside sales professionals will guide your prospective customers through

the sales process, ensuring they find the right product and/or service to meet their needs.

How We Help Our Clients

We don’t see sales in terms of wins and losses;

we see it as the process of matching up people’s needs/problems with the best solutions.

Our sales leaders:

✓ Demonstrate superior product knowledge
✓ Develop rapport with prospective customers
✓ Crush monthly quota goals
✓ Close deals to all parties’ satisfaction
✓ Generate sales data reports

Which type of sales can we help you with?

Business to Business

B2B customers require a distinct set of skills and a boatload of product knowledge. They may tell you price is their primary concern, but McKinsey & Company found what they really want is a great sales experience.

NTx delivers with a proven sales strategy that focuses on the key inflection points of the business sales cycle. We understand how business buys and tailor our approach to the size and decision-making structure of each company.

Business to Consumer

Whether you’re traditional brick-and-mortar, pure e-commerce, or anything in between, the #1 rule of B2C is: Know thy customer. Targeting your demographics is how you avoid the waste that kills effectiveness. NTx has pioneered a unique model blending the best of location-specific sales strategies with innovative e-commerce tools to create the seamless hybrid strategy we call “In Real Life” or IRL Commerce.

Telemarketing & Cold Calling

Like any tool, cold calling must be used properly. Effective outbound prospecting hinges on a 360°-view of each potential customer. Data culled from search engines and social media platforms gives telemarketers the insight they need to establish quick rapport, the holy grail of successful cold calling.

Why us?

NTx is a business services network born of rational idealism. We believe in our collective capacity to guide each other through the emerging business landscape.

But this collaboration must begin with clear, honest communication to ascertain needs and contributions. What can NTx do for you? What can you do for the NTx community?